May 19, 2020

iPhone App Turns People Into Facebook Friends

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iPhone App Turns People Into Facebook Friends

Whether it’s an old high school friend, or someone you met at the gym or out at a bar, it’s practically the social norm to friend that person on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

But the process of actually finding a person on Facebook and sending a friend request can be tedious. Thanks to the millions upon millions of Facebook users, searching for a common name can yield dozens of results. Sifting through these results to find the person you’re looking for can be quite time consuming. So why not make the whole friending process that much easier?

The startup, Friendthem, has just released a free iPhone app that will make friend requesting quick and easy. This app is designed to let people see the Facebook users around them and then send a friend request immediately, or file one away for later, says So now someone can instantaneously Facebook friend someone they meet – or file the request away for later.

Richard Passer, founder of Friendthem, believes that a friend request deserves to be “elevated to its proper status as the gateway to all social networking connections,” says

Friendthem acts as a hybrid-meeting place for people who want to connect on Facebook. With Friendthem you can control what information about yourself you share with others and you can choose whether your name or photo is displayed. Other users that have Friendthem installed and are in close proximity can see you in the app and choose to send a friend request now, or later.


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