May 19, 2020

ISM: Can you sustain the risks of a changing supply chain management environment?

Supply Chain
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ISM: Can you sustain the risks of a changing supply chain management environment?

Due to the speed of which supply management is experiencing an extensive transformation, global supply chains have started to be disrupted as technology becomes increasingly influential to businesses worldwide.

With the requirement to undergo a digital transformation fundamental to achieving and sustaining growth in a range of industries, organisations must meet these challenges head-on through the implementation of new technology.

To help facilitate this, the ISM Corporate Program provides organisational success by enabling every team member’s knowledge of end-to-end supply management practices.


Through ISM’s Mastery Model Assessment, its leaders have developed a strategic talent roadmap through the identification of where existing skill gaps lie in the organisation. By providing an educational library that offers leaders the tools to close the gaps and improve employee proficiency.

By following a customised learning roadmap from the ISM Mastery Model Assessment or understanding your own training needs, ISM can adopt a plan to exactly align company’s organisation ambitions.

ISM empowers organisational success and offers a range of services such as ongoing professional development, ensuring knowledge stays relevant, streamlining and enhancing operational performance as well as receiving industry best practices. Since 1915, ISM has been the professional association for procurement and supply management professionals and has helped drive the supply chain space forward. The organisation provides community premium solutions for talent development without the prohibitive price tag on a recurring basis.

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