Kaazing Produces Art through Mobile Crowdsourcing

By Bizclik Editor


Kaazing, a California based technology company, and Ekito recently announced their collaboration on a mobile device art project through use of a mobile application and festival participants.

Turning attendees into moving paintbrushes, the app collected data on movements throughout the festival from participants' smartphones and transmitted the data live on a virtual canvas. The piece was displayed on Kaazing’s website and  in the Tolouse-Matabiau railway station showing live the art piece that was being dynamically created. Created by Emmanuelle Mason, Kaazing and Ekito, the festival crowd turned movement into a work of art.

“We are living in an era where art and technology can combine to create something greater than the sum of its parts,” said Emmanuelle Mason. “On this project, Kaazing's real-time technology enabled us to explore the question of the private path in a common space, something that would not have been possible if the data wasn’t transferred in real-time.”

Participant in the crowdsourced art downloaded an app, Déambulations, that was available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Powered by Kaazing technology, the app sent attendees movement in real time to the Déambulations website, “weaving together hundreds of thousands of attendees movements simultaneously during the festival and creating a gigantic, live, crowdsourced art project.”

"Toulouse was very pleased to experiment with a beautiful immersive experience through the Artistic project of Emmanuelle Mason, based on Kaazing’s real-time technology,” said Erwane Monthubert  Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, France.  “The project lit up the Novela festival, and participants of the 4th annual festival were excited to be involved in a completely unique experience.”

Kaazing was excited to see the utilization of its technology in creative and new ways. “In order for real-time data applications over the Internet to work, you need technology that is scalable and reliable to receive and deliver data to and from hundreds of thousands of users’ browsers and devices at one time with instant results,” said John Donnelly III, Kaazing EVP “Real time device applications are the cusp of modern innovations, and this project would have not been possible using legacy Web HTTP technology.  We have seen a huge demand for real-time data communication across a wide range of industries and applications such as real-time bidding for stocks and securities, multi-player interactive betting and gaming and truly innovative social marketing projects such as Toulouse.”     

See the art as it was created here:


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