Lake Nona: An Ecosystem For Collaborative Innovation

By Jack Grimshaw
Business Chief North America is taking an in-depth look at Lake Nona to learn more about its expertise as a hub for futuristic innovation...

Lake Nona itself is a community, spanning 17-square miles, and is built on the premise that a collaborative effort is what can cause the spark for profound innovative ideas and solutions. Being designed and built from nothing, Lake Nona is rife with clusters of excellence throughout specialist areas, from wellbeing to sports & performance, education, and technology.

The fast-growing, ever-changing state of the neo-urban environment was designed and created with the future in mind, with the building blocks of tomorrow at the centre of its strategy. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a forward-thinking, innovative community. 

Connectivity, both in physical and digital forms, is the main driving force that powers the engine of Lake Nona’s innovation ecosystem, and it inspires businesses, institutions and individuals alike to thrive and continue to push for the next innovative solution.

With an impressive, technologically rich and innovative infrastructure, paired with its globally recognised clusters of excellence, the Lake Nona community was created and recognised internationally for its foundational strategy, guiding what is needed both today, and in the coming decades. All innovations are created with a healthy, vibrant future considered.

Lake Nona can drive value for businesses, not only in an economic sense, but through values created between people. A significant number of companies have taken business to Lake Nona in an attempt to wed business with an ecosystem of partnership and collaboration, embracing an environment that helps institutions, people, and businesses thrive alongside one another.

As one of the very first gigabit communities in the US, Lake Nona can provide its residents with unmatched capacities for broadband connectivity. Cisco also named Lake Nona in a report of nine ‘Iconic Smart + Connected Communities’ around the world.

The crux of Lake Nona’s offerings are its advanced and innovative technology abilities, but they don’t stop there. The thriving, forward-thinking community also provides easy access to education and an always-ready labour force. The community also provides businesses with the opportunity to grow, due to its space, which many would expect to do after driving new value with Lake Nona.

It is also the home of the United States’ first accelerator program for sports and health technology, the leAD Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech Accelerator. With a robust fiber infrastructure, and living lab available for use, it’s clear to see why businesses choose the innovative community to increase value and drive new innovations.


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