Looking to Improve Revenue? Try Communicating.

By Kate Supino

Technology has made it possible for your employees and executive staff to communicate across a broad range of methods.

But the same technology that makes communication easier makes it harder for humans to manage.

The more ways customers can contact your business and your sales representatives, the more devices that need to be managed.

Multiple Devices Increase Chances for Failed Communication

Mobile phones, tablets, office phones, i-watches, desktop computers and laptops all have varying abilities to accept calls, emails, texts, notifications and messages from your source of revenue: your customers.

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With all these devices, it's no small feat for your employees to manage them all with efficiency. The likelihood of missing a message or a call from a valued client or a potential new customer is high.

Eventually, customers who are trying to reach someone in your company are going to look elsewhere for their services.

Your competition has found the solution, and now you have found it, too. Unified communications is the answer to centralizing all your employee's communication needs.

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Practical Applications

As the following article shows, here's an example of why your business needs unified communications.

Imagine if your manager is in an off-site meeting when they receive a call at their desk phone from an important new client.

With a unified communications service, that voice message can be transcribed into a text message or email that can be quietly read by your manager either while in the meeting or on a break.

They'll see who called, when they called, and what number they called from. They can then make the decision to respond to the call as necessary.

Now imagine a similar scenario where your manager is in an off-site meeting and the same call comes through on their desk phone.

The meeting runs late and the manger will decide to go straight home instead of heading back to the office. The call is now unknown to the manager, and they won't get the message until the next day or even over the weekend.

If that customer had an urgent need, they will assume that their business isn't important enough to your company to warrant a response. Is that the kind of message you want to send to your customers?

Unsurpassable Applications

If you could afford to hire a secretary for all your managers, you still wouldn't be able to enjoy the level of capabilities of a unified communications plan.

Unified communications plan incorporates several different technologies and wraps them all up in one, singular, centralized communications hub.

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With unified communications, messages can be transcribed and forwarded to every device on your business network. Your system set up can be as unique as every individual on your sales team.

Conferencing, call forwarding, messaging and transcription can all be accomplished by your employees with just one task.

The time saved on call and message retrieval is substantial, but the new and retained revenue from satisfied customers is where you'll really reap the value of unified communications.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes about best business practices and marketing concerns of small, medium and large companies.




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