Mac vs. PC in Business

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Mac versus PC is the ultimate computer question in business. Which should companies choose? Mac computers have a loyal fan base that will defend the brand practically until death. PCs are most commonly used the world over, leading to the belief that it must be the best. Where does each excel and falter? Business Review Canada is here to lay out the facts so that you can make an informed decision. 


When it comes to security Mac is locked down. Although its security isn’t perfect, in comparison to the PC and Windows, it keeps most viruses and Trojans at bay. For the PC it’s a whole other story. With a multitude of viruses, Trojans, worms and malware, a PC needs sophisticated anti-virus programs to provide defense. When a PC becomes infected, it can be a real hassle as viruses wreak havoc. Losing valuable information and time, infected PCs are a real detriment to the computing world.


Mac computers excel when it comes to multimedia. Included with purchase, a Mac features a multitude of programs that entertain as well as produce. With abilities to create phenomenal movies, music, podcast and photos, Mac has multimedia covered.

For PCs, multimedia has a wide range of opportunities. Most if not all programs that aren’t produced by Apple itself are PC compatible, leading to easy set up and software capability. Where PC falters in comparison to Mac is its inclusion. Depending on which PC brand you choose depends on the amount, if any, of multimedia that is included with purchase. Most multimedia available for the PC must be purchased separately.



Apple offers Mac in eight different styles, from portable to desktop, compact to professional. Available in either silver or white, including black accents on some, the Mac brand is clearly defined.

PCs on the other hand have millions of options when it comes to style. From regular black towers, monitors and laptops, to computers with outrageous colors and designs and real diamond and gold accents, a PC’s style can be whatever your heart desires.

Business Popularity

When it comes to business computer purchases, PC has taken the market. The top five 2010 PC brand leaders (HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba) combined make up 57.9 per cent of market share and these are just the brands at the top of the pile. In business, 95 per cent of all companies and schools choose PC over Mac when purchasing.

Mac has just 14 per cent of market share in Canada and the same percentage for North America overall. But this may just be the beginning as good branding, advertising and messaging has raised Mac from 7.9 per cent in 2010 and seems to continue on its upward climb.


Price Range

PCs and Macs definitely vary in price, but PCs have a multitude of selection options that can bring its price down. Depending on what brand, if you purchase refurbished technology, then the select capabilities chosen can either make a PC fairly cheap or higher end. Today, PC prices range from $50 to around $2,200.

Macs, in general, are more expensive. Some would say this is because it is a higher quality product or maybe because the brand advertises its features so well. Either way, Mac computers will usually cost more money.  Mac computer prices range from $700 to $2400 at the Apple store.

When it comes to business purchases as important as computers, choosing between brands and features can be hard. Determining the side on which you belong  in the great Mac vs. PC debate can also be tough. It is clear that each has its own highs, lows and spectacular features that help employees of today’s business world produce fantastic results. It’s really up to a company to settle on which brand to be loyal to. Which one will you choose?


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