Microsoft: accelerating Kubota’s digital transformation

By Brittany Hill

Microsoft and Kubota Corporation announce a multi-year strategic alliance to accelerate Kubota’s digital transformation.

The overall aim of the alliance between Microsoft and Kubota will see microsoft accelerate the company’s digital transformation, by migrating its IT infrastructure and SAP mission critical systems onto Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform.

In doing this, Kubota will standardise and streamline its business operations, accelerate its innovation and transfer to a solution provision model. In addition the two companies will work together to develop new artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions for business in the food, water and environment sectors. 

Kubota is committed to harnessing agricultural machinery and services to address the increasing food demands around the world. In using this technology, Kubota looks to problem solve with its customers in the agricultural sector to ensure they have what they need to manage their fields. 

To accelerate its vision to offer comprehensive solutions and products for the water and environmental sector Microsoft and Kubota will work together to harness Microsoft technologies and other industry expertise to develop a sustainable future.

Breakdown of the strategic alliance


With this alliance, Kubota’s IT infrastructure and SP mission critical systems will be migrated onto Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform. As a result, this modernisation of operations with the help of Microsoft Azure will provide Kubota with the benefits of scale and flexibility. 

In addition to streamlining its operations and accelerating the use of integrated data globally with this modernisation, the company will also take advantage of cutting edge technology, such as AI.



Kubota will also work with Microsoft to launch a new AI Machine Learning Lab, which will be focused on accelerating innovations. The lab will be harnessed to train new developers to build AI solutions. 

In addition, Kubota will explore the use of AI within its business operations as well as for developing new services for agriculture, water systems infrastructure and environment customers.  Microsoft will utilise its extensive knowledge and advanced technology to support these ambitions.  

Based on the two companies sustainability initiatives, the two will also explore the use of innovative technology to drive a more sustainable future.

“Under the slogan of ‘For Earth, For Life,’ Kubota is trying to dedicate himself to solve global issues on food, water, and environment. It is indispensable to promote digital transformation to meet such issues worldwide. This alliance with Microsoft is an important step for digital transformation. We accelerate to create innovations and provide the solutions and the social value,” commented Yuichi Kitao, President and Representative Director at Kubota.

”Kubota is recognized as a leader in environmentally-compatible farming and agricultural equipment. Combining its deep industry experience with the power of Microsoft Azure and AI capabilities will enable delivery of new innovations that help feed a hungry planet, ensure access to clean water, and promote overall sustainability,” added Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President at Microsoft.

About Kubota Corporation

Established in 1890, Kubota Corporation has over 130 years within the manufacturing industry for the food, water and environmental sectors. Kubota is committed to developing businesses to benefit society, businesses and human wellbeing around the world.

Gonshiro Kubota, the founder of Kubota believed that, "If you try hard, you can get it done. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. For the prosperity of society, we need to put all of our efforts into creation. Our products should not only be technically excellent, but also useful for the good of society."

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