May 19, 2020

Microsoft has developed an innovative speech recognition system

Computational Network Toolkit
Catherine Rowell
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Microsoft has developed an innovative speech recognition system

Microsoft has recently announced that they have created speech recognition technology which has enabled computers to encompass the same capacity to identify and recognise words to the same capability as the everyday person, minimising the word error rate (WER) to solely 5.9 percent.

Researchers have attributed this success not only to the company’s dedication in creating a sufficient system, but the use of the latest neural network technology has been embedded throughout the system, enabling the system to recognise words and patterns.

Microsoft’s research goes back over twenty years, and paves the way for more intelligent technologies and future robotics, impacting on future business models and consumer goods with the introduction of sophisticated speech recognition and development of assistants such as Cortana.

The technology giant has utilised their Computational Network Toolkit within the creation of the system, which has become available on GitHub.

However, there is still further development that needs to be made to ensure the technology is sufficient for real-life situations, with the notion of background noise, with renovation works, increased noise on highways, shopping centres, in addition to incorporating and ensuring different regional accents are understood, etc.

Microsoft will also be working on refining the system in order for not only to record words and speech, but to understand what the information means and recognise different individuals/voices within discussions.

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