Microsoft/the state of Texas expand education opportunities

By Georgia Wilson
Microsoft forms a new digital alliance with the state of Texas to expand education and skills opportunities in the American state...

In an announcement made by Microsoft, the company reports its new digital alliance made with the state of Texas to expand educational and skills opportunities in the state as part of its ‘Accelerate’ initiative.

The digital alliance aims to address the need for digital and technological skills in the workforce, by creating new economic opportunities, closing the equity and digital skills gaps, and preparing workforces for the 21st century.  

“The expansion of our Accelerate program to the state of Texas is an unparalleled opportunity to speed up the local economic recovery and bring critical digital skills to Texans. We hope this program will be a transformative opportunity for students, teachers, workers and the entire community,” commented Kate Johnson, president of Microsoft US. 

In collaboration with the Texas Education Agency, the organisations will provide digital skills via Microsoft’s Accelerate initiative, designed to address such tasks and drive economic recovery by skilling underserved communities and re-skilling Americans impacted by COVID-19.

“Education was the launching pad that took me from a low-income Houston community to medical school, NASA, space and beyond. As a native Texan and lifelong STEM advocate, I’m grateful for Microsoft’s investment in this initiative. NMSI is committed to ensuring digital access, digital literacy and high-quality STEM content for all teachers and students across Texas and our great nation, and we’re excited to work with Microsoft, the TEA, DISD, NASA and other partners,” added Dr. Bernard Harris, CEO of the National Math and Science Initiative and former NASA astronaut. 

Microsoft and the Texas Education Agency will collaborate on a wide range if programs in Texas, that aim to address a variety of needs, including: STEM engagement and talent pipeline growth for students in K-12; professional development for K-16 educators, thought leaders and the education NGO ecosystem; and workforce development for high school and college students.

“Closing the digital divide is critical to developing the current and future workforce. Our collaboration with Microsoft and the Texas Education Agency is a model for how to apply civic innovation to advance equity in our schools,” commented Michael Hinojosa, superintendent of Dallas ISD.

To find out more about the education opportunities provided by Microsoft and the state of Texas, click here!

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Image source: Microsoft 


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