Mobile Marketing Moving Companies Forward

By John McMalcolm

Mobile usage in Canada has been on the rise over the past few years, and many businesses are taking advantage of this trend to get better marketing results.

Mobile marketing is becoming an essential marketing tool in Canada's competitive business environment, because it has been proven to be effective in helping businesses increase their visibility and expand their customer bases.

Here is a look at why more and more Canadian businesses are adopting mobile marketing….

Reach Out to More Consumers

According to a survey report released by Google, smartphone penetration in Canada rose to 56 percent of the population in 2013.

About 77 percent of smartphone users used their devices to do product research and 27 percent made a purchase with their phones. This means that businesses that implement mobile marketing can potentially make their brands known to millions of people.

Canadian businesses use a variety of ways to reach out to their target consumers with mobile marketing, including mobile ads, social media and text messaging.

Engage Consumers More Effectively

Today's consumers are smarter buyers, and they want to be well-informed about a product before they buy it.

As such, businesses need to provide helpful information on a regular basis to educate their potential customers about their products or services.

By adopting mobile marketing, Canadian businesses can make a wide range of information accessible to consumers anytime, anywhere. This will help generate interest and trust in their brands.

Additionally, mobile marketing enables businesses to build personal relationships with their customers.

Sending text messages and interacting on social media allow them to communicate with their customers in a more casual manner and provide personalized advice and customer service.

Monitor Marketing Efforts

Another benefit of mobile marketing is that it can help businesses get valuable feedback from their customers.

Such information can help them determine the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and identify problems quickly, so that they can make the necessary changes to meet the needs of their customers in real time.

Canadian Businesses That Have Benefited from Mobile Marketing

According to an article entitled "Six of the Best: Mobile Marketing Campaigns", businesses should study the successful mobile marketing campaigns of other companies when they are devising their own strategies.

One Canadian company that got impressive results from its mobile marketing campaign was Western Bakeries.

A few years ago, the company invested 10 percent of its marketing budget to create a mobile marketing component and mobile websites, and the mobile websites drew five times more visitors than its other websites.

Cara Foods was another Canadian business that had a successful mobile marketing campaign.  The company, which owns many restaurant chains, decided to use mobile websites to give each of its brands a unique identity.

The result was that its mobile websites recorded a click-through rate that was 175 percent higher than that of its other online campaigns.

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods in today's fast-moving world.  It makes it easier and faster for businesses to perform their marketing tasks, and it also brings great results.


About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing.


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