Mobility allowing some Canadian businesses to budget better

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As 2014 came to an end, business owners, Canadian CEOs and managers were quick to start planning their budgets this year.Planning a budget can be a daunting task, especially if you own or manage a large company. Instead of budgeting the old-fashioned way, you can use one of the many budgeting apps that are available today.

Budgeting apps can make the tasks of planning and managing budgets easier and faster, and they can be used anytime, anywhere.

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Here is a look at some of the most popular budgeting apps….

Budget Tracker

Developed by Duck Software, Budget Tracker is one of the most user-friendly budgeting apps in the market. This tool is free to use, and it can help you track your monthly expenses by category and date. It does not only enable you to monitor your monthly budget more easily and closely; it will also give you a better understanding of the big picture, so that you can create a better budget in the future. The Budget Tracker offers monthly printouts, custom fields, excellent help tools and other useful features.


Manilla is an all-in-one financial organizer that is available for Android and Apple devices. You can use this free app to manage all your accounts in one place and make custom accounts for certain expenses. It will remind you to pay your bills and even keep track of your travel reward points. With the Manilla, you will always know how much money you have and what you owe, and you can plan more accurately for upcoming expenses without sifting through tons of paperwork.


Mint is a simple and clean financial management app that can monitor all your transactions and show you the amounts of money you are spending in every category of your budget. This free app has sufficient room for all kinds of accounts, and it helps you manage your budget and save money with minimal hassle. When there is a new activity, it will automatically update all the accounts or categories that are affected. According to an article entitled "6 Reasons Why Mobile Devices are Turning into Budgeting Tools", Mint has received awards and applause from CNN Money, PC Magazine, Google Play, WIRED and Kiplinger's. It is presently one of the most widely used budgeting apps.

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Xpenser is a web-based tool that can be accessed from almost any device. It comes with capabilities and features such as expense submission and approval, tracking of various types of expenses, organizational and analyzing tools, export and print, import bank statements, management of multiple accounts and taxes, integration with Quickbooks and other similar software, Schedule C reporting and others. There are three different Xpenser plans for you to choose from, namely, Individual, Small Business and Enterprise.

Budgeting apps do not only help you manage your budget more easily; they can also make your business more profitable.

If you have not started using these apps, you should do so as soon as possible. 

About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to Cloud computing

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