May 19, 2020

Municipalities and the Wireless Industry to Collaborate on Cell Towers

Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
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Municipalities and the Wireless Industry to Collaborate on Cell Towers


The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) announced today the plans of a Joint Antenna System Sitting Protocol to determine through cooperative collaboration where wireless antenna systems will be situated.

“The purpose of the protocol is to ensure there is notification and meaningful local consultation on the location and visual aesthetics of antenna systems before they are installed, and that Canadians continue to have access to the wireless services they need to support their businesses and stay connected with their families,” said Karen Leibovici, President, FCM.

This collaboration will resolve the challenge of building Canada’s digital infrastructure “while respecting local land use preferences and community concerns.”

The Joint Antenna System Sitting Protocol establishes communication and consultation procedures while emphasizing the importance of municipal standards and restrictions in the design of new antenna systems.

“Canadians expect reliable, high quality wireless service wherever they are. By working together, communities and the industry can guarantee there is enough critical infrastructure in place to keep Canadians connected to the devices and technology they love, and keep our economy strong,” said CWTA president Bernard Lord.

As the Canadian citizenship’s usage of mobile devices grows 5 per cent per week, it is clear that telecommunication carriers must continually expand coverage. This new protocol system will ensure that carriers expansion plans keep in mind municipal considerations. 

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