Aug 13, 2020

Nereus: Innovative Solutions For The Cloud

Jack Grimshaw
2 min
Nereus: Innovative Solutions For The Cloud
As an essential partner to the success of NIH Strides, we’re focusing on Nereus to learn more about the company and its cloud migration solutions...

Working with the National Institute of Health, Nereus has provided integral solutions to the organisation to assist in its migration of data into a cloud-based platform. With an award-winning team of engineers on the case, paired with its industry-leading program managers, the migration was made easy by Nereus.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) opted for Nereus as a strategic partner for its data migration into the Google cloud (GCP), whilst also asking for project plans, timelines, and timeline projections on training to be delivered. These were delivered by Nereus both in-person, and through remote opportunities, providing leaning opportunities to NIH’s community of scientists and researchers.

Nereus innovative data and technology solutions have been designed and created to usher in the new world. As a next-generation partner and integrator, working with some of the largest and most important government customers across the US, Nereus is realising goals whilst mitigating risks for businesses every day.

This is achieved through the provision of valuable and actionable insights into the landscape and the threats facing it, whilst also delivering Anything as a Service (XaaS). The Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Energy are amongst Nereus’ most high profile clients, along with a large number of their subcontractors.

These agencies can use the solutions provided to completely automate their authority to operate within more than one cloud environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are also on the Nereus radar. As innovation continues to drive the company strategy forwards, these two technologies will be the pioneers of the future. 

Investing into real-world applications that enable and work with AI/ML technologies will drive significant value to both Nereus and its customers, which is why the company is focusing on the technologies so much moving forwards. 

A multi-cloud environment is what all customers who are moving to cloud-based platforms are looking for. This is why Nereus invests heavily in its security and compliance posture, to ensure that any cloud environment can be secure, trusted and used efficiently by its customers. Continuous innovation into its services and solutions ensure that the platforms will forever be optimised to mitigate risks and always be efficient to use.

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May 15, 2021

M&A activity key lever for future tech sector growth

Kate Birch
2 min
With M&A activity in the technology sector soaring, dealmaking is likely to be the key lever for growth as businesses look to recover post-pandemic

Despite the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic, the tech sector has witnessed soaring dealmaking activity over the past year, rocketing in the second half of 2020, with the last quarter of 2020 a record one for M&A activity, and momentum continuing into 2021.

Dealmaking in tech sector soars in past year

And the latest figures bear this out with the number of technology M&A deals totalling US$208.44bn globally in Q1 2021, according to GlobalData. While the US holds top spot both in volume of deals (1034) and total value (US$140.61bn), Europe ranked next with 649 deals (US$44.49bn) with the UK continuing its reign as Europe’s biggest M&A market with 204 deals.

In particular, megadeals – those valued at US$5bn or more – soared in 2020 representing 59% of all global technology sector deal value in 2020, up from 47% in 2019, according to the latest edition of the EY Technology Global Capital Confidence Barometer.

This tech sector trend towards megadeals is backed up by EY’s CCB data, with 16% of tech sector respondents planning to pursue transformative deals valued at US$5bn or more in the near-term.

While technology deal activity “all but stopped at the beginning of 2020 after fluctuating between historic highs and lows, companies pivoted quickly and tech M&A exploded in the second half of the year”, says Barak Ravid, EY Global TMT Leader for Strategy and Transactions. 

M&A activity level for tech sector growth

Looking ahead to the future, technology executives are optimistic, with nearly half (47%) expecting profitability to fully rebound this year, according to CCB data, compared to 23% across all sectors, and with more than half (51%) planning to pursue M&A in the next year in order to sustain growth.

According to Ravid, M&A activity is increasingly becoming a key lever for growth as businesses look to recover.

“To position themselves for future revenue growth, tech companies are now adjusting their M&A strategy to focus more on a target’s business resilience, digital technology alignment and to gain market share through consolidation,” says Ravid.

However, with an increasingly competitive deal market and ongoing geopolitical tensions, the majority of tech execs expect to see more competition in the bidding process for assets over the next year, primarily from private capital.

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