May 19, 2020

A New iPad® Case for Every Occasion

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A New iPad® Case for Every Occasion

Written by Holly Adair, Marketing Associate at Targus Canada


If you are the new owner of the latest addition to the iPad® family, or if you’re hoping to get your hands on one soon, you’ll surely want to keep it protected.  Targus Group International, Inc., maker of the world's top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, has launched an all-new line of cases specifically designed for the new iPad®. Targus® is one of the first to market with an innovative assortment of engaging and highly featured cases for the new iPad that come in a variety of colors and designs to fit any taste, style, budget and need.

"The iPad has become a personal extension for each user," said Phil Palmer, Product Manager - tablets. "Each of our cases for the new iPad was designed to specifically meet the individual needs of the iPad user. The cases combine fresh new designs and broadly appealing colors with premium materials and finishes to enhance the overall experience. Our Slim and Elegant Cases offer a light and functional solution that complements the iPad, while our Higher Utility Cases offer the utmost in protection and function."

The latest collection of cases for the new iPad 3 has been designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of Apple admirers. From the diehard Mac purist to the busy professional, the new iPad 3 cases truly offer something for everyone. When developing these cases, Targus paid special attention to quality, functionality, and style, to ensure a solid fit for every customer.

The process of developing cases for the new iPad 3 has truly been a milestone for Targus. Having been one of the first brands to market with iPad 2 cases, they were determined to follow-up that successful launch with an even better range of cases for the new iPad 3. The new iPad 3 collection, which includes the Slim Case, Vuscape, Versavu, and Business Folio, has been designed to seamlessly complement a range of activities. Each case may have its own distinct personality, but they will all meet the needs of users who reply on their iPads for everything.

Slim Case

Feel confident transporting your iPad 3rd generation with Targus’ new Slim Case. This thin and durable case allows for multiple viewing angles and includes a magnetic on/off feature that enables auto-sleep mode and helps preserve battery life. It offers added protection with less bulk. Lined with premium soft-touch material, the Slim Case will protect your iPad from scrapes and scratches. The exterior is made from a high quality, water-resistant material and easily wipes clean. Available in a wide array of colors including calypso pink (THD00604CA), orange peel (THD00603CA), bone white (THD00601CA), charcoal gray (THD00602CA), and graphite black (THD006CA). It is available at an MSRP of $49.99.


Targus’ new Vuscape for the iPad 3rd generation offers just about everything you would need in an iPad case - from the magnetic on/off feature and three different hands-free viewing angles, to the clever stylus storage, premium soft-touch lining and a durable water-resistant, padded exterior. This attractive, streamlined case is available in graphite black (THZ157CA) at an MSRP of $39.99.

VersavuTM Case

One of the most popular cases for the iPad family is now also available for the iPad 3rd generation.  The VersavuTM offers the ultimate viewing experience with its patent-pending 360 degree rotating mechanism allowing users to view the iPad in both landscape and portrait modes. With four different viewing angles, you can easily read, view, chat and type on your iPad. It is ideal for work or on-the-go and includes storage for a stylus. The Versavu’s wipe-clean exterior and premium soft-touch lining safeguards your case and iPad from dirt, scratches or bumps. It is available in graphite black (THZ156CA) and charcoal gray (THZ15602CA) at an MSRP of $69.99.

Business Folio and Stand

Perfect for pros on-the-go, Targus’ new Business Folio for the iPad 3rd generation combines professionalism with style and offers a magnetic on/off feature and plenty of storage for business cards, IDs and a stylus or pen. This all-in-one case also includes a separate compartment for the included notepad and reusable CleanVu® cleaning pad. The Business Folio also converts into a stand making hands free viewing possible. The Business Folio is available in black (THZ155CA) at an MSRP of $49.99.

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Jun 12, 2021

How changing your company's software code can prevent bias

Lisa Roberts, Senior Director ...
3 min
Removing biased terminology from software can help organisations create a more inclusive culture, argues Lisa Roberts, Senior Director of HR at Deltek

Two-third of tech professionals believe organizations aren’t doing enough to address racial inequality. After all, many companies will just hire a DEI consultant, have a few training sessions and call it a day. 

Wanting to take a unique yet impactful approach to DEI, Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, took a look at  and removed all exclusive terminology in their software code. By removing terms such as ‘master’ and ‘blacklist’ from company coding, Deltek is working to ensure that diversity and inclusion are woven into every aspect of their organization. 

Business Chief North America talks to Lisa Roberts, Senior Director of HR and Leader of Diversity & Inclusion at Deltek to find out more.

Why should businesses today care about removing company bias within their software code?  

We know that words can have a profound impact on people and leave a lasting impression. Many of the words that have been used in a technology environment were created many years ago, and today those words can be harmful to our customers and employees. Businesses should use words that will leave a positive impact and help create a more inclusive culture in their organization

What impact can exclusive terms have on employees? 

Exclusive terms can have a significant impact on employees. It starts with the words we use in our job postings to describe the responsibilities in the position and of course, we also see this in our software code and other areas of the business. Exclusive terminology can be hurtful, and even make employees feel unwelcome. That can impact a person’s desire to join the team, stay at a company, or ultimately decide to leave. All of these critical actions impact the bottom line to the organization.    

Please explain how Deltek has removed bias terminology from its software code

Deltek’s engineering team has removed biased terminology from our products, as well as from our documentation. The terms we focused on first that were easy to identify include blacklist, whitelist, and master/slave relationships in data architecture. We have also made some progress in removing gendered language, such as changing he and she to they in some documentation, as well as heteronormative language. We see this most commonly in pick lists that ask to identify someone as your husband or wife. The work is not done, but we are proud of how far we’ve come with this exercise!

What steps is Deltek taking to ensure biased terminology doesn’t end up in its code in the future?

What we are doing at Deltek, and what other organizations can do, is to put accountability on employees to recognize when this is happening – if you see something, say something! We also listen to feedback our customers give us and have heard their feedback on this topic. Those are both very reactive things of course, but we are also proactive. We have created guidance that identifies words that are more inclusive and also just good practice for communicating in a way that includes and respects others.

What advice would you give to other HR leaders who are looking to enhance DEI efforts within company technology? 

My simple advice is to start with what makes sense to your organization and culture. Doing nothing is worse than doing something. And one of the best places to start is by acknowledging this is not just an HR initiative. Every employee owns the success of D&I efforts, and employees want to help the organization be better. For example, removing bias terminology was an action initiated by our Engineering and Product Strategy teams at Deltek, not HR. You can solicit the voices of employees by asking for feedback in engagement surveys, focus groups, and town halls. We hear great recommendations from employees and take those opportunities to improve. 


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