May 19, 2020

Nintendo Wii 2, Wii HD is on its way to market

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Nintendo Wii 2, Wii HD is on its way to market


We reported earlier this week that the Nintendo Wii may drop down its price tag to $150, making for the most affordable current generation gaming console in the market. The potential price cut would happen exactly one month from today and now reports are coming out that a Nintendo Wii 2 may be in the works. We predicted that a next generation console would appear sometime this summer, or even in June during E3. However, today’s reports look very promising for an earlier console unveil.

Considering there hasn’t been a new gaming console on the market since the launch of the Wii and Playstation 3 back in November 2006, it’s about time home gamers had a new toy to play with. Microsoft’sKinect was the latest console accessory to be introduced to the gaming industry in November 2010, which made for an extraordinary, world record-breaking movement in the industry sector (no pun intended). Since then, the Xbox 360 has dominated bedrooms and bachelor pads for the preferred gaming toy.

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Nintendo is responding to the popularity of its competitors and reports are coming out that there may be a new HD console under its belt. Very little in known about the potential HD gaming device, but it could become a very popular toy for gaming geeks alike, and whoever else caught the HD buzz.

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