May 19, 2020

Nook Color released; Nintendo confirms Wii 2

Barnes & Noble
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Nook Color released; Nintendo confirms Wii 2


Barnes & Noble’s new Nook Color (at a modest $249) is impressing tablet fans with its Android 2.2 operating system, email capabilities, app store and Adobe Flash technology. Barnes & Noble is currently creating its own app store and has about 125 apps, with more to come on the forefront. Nook Friends is the latest social network to be included on the tablet, and allows users to see what friends are reading, loan books to others, recommend books, among other capabilities. 

Amazon’s Kindle has been one of the more popular e-readers to hit market, mostly because of its affordable price tag and Amazon will soon release a Kindle with special offers, which will be an ad-subsidized reader for only $114. Amazon has its own app store and there’s speculation that the company will launch its own Android-powered tablet.

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News has also come out today that Nintendo will announce its new game console at the E3 tradeshow this June in Los Angeles. The three-paragraph announcement also says that Nintendo sold 86+ million units between its launch in 2006 to the end of March 2011; there will be a playable model of the Wii successor at E3. Nintendo’s announcement doesn’t include any specs about the new system, so you’ll just have to wait until June to get your first peek.


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