Ottawa-based Specific Range Solutions launches distracted driving app

By Mohammed Mestar

Canadian company Specific Range Solutions has launched the latest version of its distracted driving AutoAdvisory iPhone app.

AutoAdvisory 2.0 is designed to stop drivers being distracted by their phones while at the wheel, with an estimated quarter of road traffic collisions caused by phone use.

The app runs in the background of the user’s iPhone and, while connected to the vehicle via either Bluetooth or the in-car charger, advises the driver not to use their phone when driving is detected.

AutoAdvisory also monitors the device throughout a journey to ensure it’s not unlocked by the driver and provides safer driving feedback at the end of the trip, with the results able to be shared by the user through social media. 

"Our ultimate goal is to save lives. The solution therefore needed to be safe, effective and reliable,” said Specific Range Solutions founder Omer Majeed. 

“We are an aerospace engineering company, and I am a commercially rated pilot, so we applied the same level of rigor in designing AutoAdvisory 2.0 as we do for our aerospace clients.”

The Ottawa-based company’s app is competing in an ever-crowded market alongside established offerings such as LifeSaver and True Motion.

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