May 19, 2020

Ottawa Hospital: democratising data and helping patients

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Ottawa Hospital
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Ottawa Hospital: democratising data and helping patients

The Ottawa Hospital has announced that it will be partnering with MDClone to bring healthcare data firmly into the contemporary tech sphere.

MDClone, an Israeli data analytics solutions provider, is providing a platform which enables doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals and researchers to more easily identify potentially life-saving data and action it accordingly. 

Features of the healthcare-oriented software include a longitudinal data engine for organisation, a discovery studio to access information and a synthetic data engine to enhance security.

The start of something exciting

“Starting a relationship with The Ottawa Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Canada, is a dream come true for MDClone,” said Ziv Ofek, Founder and CEO of MDClone. 

“The power of leveraging data for better healthcare delivery is truly a global desire and this collaboration is an exciting example in Canada.” 

“Partnering with a world-class healthcare organisation focused on innovation like The Ottawa Hospital is the perfect starting point to fulfil our shared vision of insights impacting care.”


Providing the hospital with an agile and powerful interface with patient data, MDClone links data from other patients together without jeopardising confidentiality. Healthcare staff are then able to easily navigate, compare/contrast information and perform analyses.

Delivering 21st Century healthcare

Canada is the third country to adopt MDClone’s unique technology, after the US and Israel.

Discussing the exciting new collaboration, which has the potential to revolutionise modern healthcare, Dr. Alan Forster, VP of Innovation and Quality at Ottawa Hospital, stated his belief that the quality of patient care was certain to increase.

“MDClone’s technology is helping The Ottawa Hospital deliver 21st Century healthcare to our patients,” he said. 

“The platform’s ability to help our physicians and researchers visualize, analyze and share high-value clinical insights while protecting patient privacy is an important part of providing world-class care and better outcomes for our patients.”

“With this collaboration, Ottawa Hospital is leading Ontario and Canada in building the infrastructure for effective, secure innovation.”

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