Outliers: improving mine performance and efficiency

Operational consulting and implementation expertise across a range of mining-specific services to increase productivity and reduce costs

Outliers Mining Solutions is a multidisciplinary operational consulting firm serving the global mining industry. Outliers CEO & Co-founder Salar Javid leads an innovative consulting and value delivery approach across the mining space. "In partnership with our clients, we deliver end-to-end solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. We use data from mining operations to analyze past performance and implement sustainable solutions that lead to effective decision making to improve productivity and efficiency," says Javid. 

Operational consulting expertise

Outliers' unique approach to consulting and operational improvement results from their expertise in technology and a deep understanding of the challenges mining operations face, delivering rapid improvements over short periods. "Our consultants use their breadth of experience in technical, leadership and management roles in the industry and can also leverage the latest innovations in mine technology and delivery solutions," assures Javid. "We don't need to rely on external technical expertise. We have the agility to go into organizations to diagnose problems and correct them with a small team. More than just consultants, we strive to deliver lasting solutions in mines by increasing the capability within our client's workforce."

Building partnerships to bridge the gap

"The needs of industrialisation have created a niche for specialists, but they can't always communicate with each other, so the value these specilists provide can be lost. As a result, generalist consulting groups have emerged to service the sector," explains Javid. "We consider ourselves as 'bridgers' of that gap in the mining industry to help companies effectively implement and take advantage of innovations like automation."

Outliers Mining Solutions supports companies like Ferrexpo so they can maximise their investment in tech and innovation. "At Ferrexpo, we were able to quickly close the gap that existed in the knowledge, capability and capacity of their people. This allowed them to effectively utilise the technology they already had in place. We helped analyse their data and operations and gave the team the tools to make more effective operational decisions in real-time. This improvement delivered an increase of over 22% in truck productivity."

Mining industry trends

Digitization & Interoperability: "No organization has reached a pinnacle of a 'best'. The drive for digitization is now turning into one for 'digitization and interoperability' - systems talking to one another, rather than being islands unto themselves. The focus is on how to use these systems to drive operational effectiveness and productivity."

Integrated Operations: "The path towards integration, which ties back into digitization & Interoperability, can also be viewed from a perspective of people in the process. We see integrated operations becoming standard practice at mining operations. In the last year alone, we've worked with several mine sites implementing remote operating centres and integrated operations."

Workforce Mobilisation: "In light of the war for talent and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, has accelerated the shift in priority and mindset for the major miners. Evolving the way we work, how work is done- especially regarding mobilising the workforce is essential for a sustainable future for mining operations. As a young Engineer at Rio Tinto, we were designing the first concept of the remote operating centre for the Australian operations. We had to think about how shift work would be impacted. Those conversations continue today, as Rio Tinto is implementing six-hour shift for their controllers in the Remote Operations Centre in Perth. This experimentation is likely to continue now that people have a taste for different ways of working."

Autonomy: "Automation is already changing the way we work. Adopting autonomous practices reduces variability. Technologies like equipment automation, or any process standardisation and integrated performance management frameworks are increasingly sought after by our clients."

Decarbonisation: "Miners are transitioning to a low carbon economy through significant investment in green energy to lower and offset their carbon footprint. Government regulations and community pressures are likely to accelerate technology adoption to deliver this reduction of waste. We also expect to see technologies like electromobility creating a bigger value proposition for miners, not  only in terms of costs savings and productivity but also a better social and community partner."

Outliers Mining Solutions has positioned itself to be the partner of choice in offering solutions to all mining companies' foundational and innovative improvement journeys. 

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