May 19, 2020

Perpetuating Canada’s memory with digital archives

Library and Archives Canada
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Perpetuating Canada’s memory with digital archives

Library and Archives Canada, the fourth largest library in the world, has launched a new initiative to migrate its extensive archives onto a digital platform.

The institution hopes that this large-scale project will make its grand archive of historical and modern records easier for Canadians to navigate. Representing one of the biggest digital preservation programmes initiated globally, it is estimated that over 7Pb of data will be processed.

Containing documents such as genealogies and family histories, published works, theses from Canadian universities since 1965 and governmental records, LAC’s archives are an extensive and far-reaching collection of national importance.

Discussing the new digital archive, Sylvain Bélanger, Director General of LAC, hoped that it would enable access to the library’s material in a more practical way. 

“In the past, we used multiple products and approaches to address different streams, but with this new centralized system we’ll be at the forefront of digital ingest and preservation, and we can focus on delivering practical ways of helping Canadians to innovate using information from the collection.”

Delivering tech solutions

Helping LAC to deliver its digital archive project is Preservica, a leading digital preservation software developer, and cloud-tech solutions provider TeraMach. The former will ensure the integrity of the archive, whilst the latter will assist in the design, installation and maintenance of the overall structure.


“It’s an honour to play a role in helping to preserve the documentary heritage of Canada now and for future generations,” said Mike Quinn, CEO of Preservica. 

“Being part of such a large-scale digital preservation program is an ideal opportunity to showcase how Preservica is helping organizations scale their archives and increase the use of unique digital assets to enrich citizen services and cultural initiatives.”

Hunter Li, President and CEO of TeraMach, expressed similar appreciation for having been chosen for such a prestigious project. "The new platform will use the AWS cloud infrastructure in Canada as part of the TeraMach Cloudx solution.” 

“This important award allows us to showcase the advanced and comprehensive IT solutions that are embodied in TeraMach Cloudx, which enables express connectivity to a broad array of SaaS provider solutions including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Preservica,” he said.

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May 14, 2021

Driving Federal IT Transformation

U.S Air Force
Dell Technologies
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Dell Technologies and the USAF: partners in IT modernization.

Dell Technologies and the U.S. Air Force have a longstanding partnership. On several programs of record, Dell Technologies supports mission-oriented areas, including providing data-centric applications for platforms that the Air Force leverages in testing and operations. For example, certain high-performance jet fighters rely on Dell Technologies software that helps provide critical information about aircraft performance to the service and the aircraft manufacturer. After a test flight, data modules gathered from the aircraft’s sensors are downloaded, processed and analyzed to provide critical insights.

The Air Force has also made a concerted effort to drive technology to the edge so that warfighters can gain value from their data where it lives. Dell Technologies is enabling dynamic decision-making at the edge, where collection, management, analysis, and the distribution of data is critical. Dell Technologies’ software factories are supporting some of the largest Air Force programs, like Kessel Run and Kobayashi Maru.

Kobayashi Maru is a cloud-based program designed to modernize the way the Air Force (now the U.S. Space Force) interacts with its allies. By the time Kobayashi Maru was a program, the service had a year or two of experience with the highly successful Kessel Run. According to the Air Force, this continuous user-centered approach enabled warfighters to quickly evaluate software improvements, provide direct feedback to Kessel Run developers, and rapidly iterate the software to provide maximum value and impact. Kobayashi Maru operates under the same principle: the existing software procurement process is too slow to satisfy requirements, so leverage best practices and partner with industry (in this case, Dell Technologies) to get new systems into the field as quickly as possible.

The U.S. Air Force is committed to IT modernization, as exemplified by its ability to embrace change and transformation in how critical systems are procured and deployed. And Dell Technologies is committed to supporting the Air Force in its endeavors, so the service will always be ready for what’s next.

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