Porsche to launch 189 Mission E charging points in US dealerships

By Pouyan Broukhim

With Porsche having unveiled its new electric Sedan model, the Mission E, the company is now aiming to establish itself alongside Tesla within the electric vehicle market by implementing a total of 189 charging points for the car at its 189 dealership locations across the US.

Set to be launched next year, the Mission E will take 20 minutes to charge, then offering 250 miles of run time. However, with electric vehicles harbouring the need to be recharged, the necessary infrastructure required to support them is integral to their success.

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“Charging infrastructure is an extremely important part of the EV experience as a whole,” Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer said in a blog post provided to USA TODAY that will appear on the company's website.

As innovation within the automotive market continues to accelerate, capable infrastructure is increasingly needed to support the growth, expansion and diversification of vehicles and the market as a whole. Another such example of this is within the autonomous and connected vehicle (CAV) market.

Ordnance survey, a company tasked with helping to implement the necessary infrastructure needed to support CAVs within the UK, states how integral infrastructure is the success of these evolving markets.

“A robust infrastructure is vital. CAVs will need to find their way reliably and safely through a vast system of busy streets while interacting with driven and other autonomous vehicles, connected traffic lights and traffic management systems and being mindful of pedestrians, cyclists and other potential risks,” said Duncan Chambers, Senior Project Manager of Ordnance Survey. “They will also need to understand the best routes, in real-time, between the journey’s start and end points.”

For more information, see the full interview with Gigabit Magazine.


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