Poynt Answers Life's Everyday Questions

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Poynt, a Canadian-based mobile app, has proven success in the mobile technological world. Gaining an average 30,000 new users daily, Poynt’s solutions to its users' entertainment, weather and cuisine questions has grown the company into a thriving Canadian enterprise.

So what exactly is Poynt? Poynt is a mobile application that, through data provider partnerships, provides location-based search features. A “simple and intuitive” search tool, Poynt provides users with relevant information about local businesses, retailers, restaurants, movies, events, weather information, gas prices (available in the US only), people and more. Available in nine countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria and India, Poynt’s user base expanded in 2011 to 12 million.

Starting the company back in 2002, Poynt worked in earnest on app development utilizing BlackBerry technology in 2007 and was able to produce its groundbreaking app by June 2008.

“We launched this application in June of 2008 and emailed it off to 100 people. We asked them to try it and if they liked it to please send Poynt to a friend, which back then was by email. The next day we had 10 new users, and the day after that, and the day after that. We’ve grown every day since then. Some days are now 20-25 thousand new users while others are 50,000. It’s been a tremendous journey,” says Andrew Osis, CEO and Co-Founder, Poynt.

The app is completely free to users, while Poynt monetizes users’ activity. The application allows users to search for everything and anything they need from nearby dentists in case of an emergency to movie showtimes and ticket purchasing.

“Everything in this app is about what’s local and relevant to what you need at the exact moment and time you need it,” says Davison, VP Marketing and Communications, Poynt.


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“The whole thing was going from inspiration to action. It wasn’t just about having that single app that did one thing. It was really about providing that one stop shop for users to find everything they need. It is that a complete circle to solve your problem.” said Osis.

After a successful 2011, Poynt’s goal for 2012 is to transition the app into a household brand.

“This is because it’s not a one-off app. It’s a utility tool that does everything you need it to do,” said Davison.

In 2012, Poynt expects to see further geographic expansion to the Asia/Pacific region. Adding these new territories, Poynt believes, will make the app’s user base grow from its current 12 million to an astounding 30 million.

Available on BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Nokia QT and Windows 7, click here to download Poynt for instant access to local information directly at your fingertips. 


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