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In today’s age, brands are always trying to enhance customer engagement and drive product and service innovation. At the same time, major enterprises are seeking social media platforms as a more hands-on way to interact with consumers on a more visually-appealing level. OneDesk is a new program that allows businesses to become more socially connected to customers, partners and employees regarding the product and/or service development process. The social media sphere and cloud programming is assisting in social product development, co-creation and customer-driven innovation and OneDesk provides it all.

The program is a blended suite of SaaS applications and incorporates tools like social media monitoring and engagement, customer feedback management, innovation and ideas management, customer service and help desk, requirements management, project management, release management, and product road mapping.


OneDesk is enterprise-class “social business software” for designed for Product Development and Service Delivery teams. It provides an end-to-end solution for customer feedback, product/service requirements, and project management, all within a single application. OneDesk aims to allow its users to develop products faster and deliver services more efficiently.

OneDesk is offered on an on-demand or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. This allows your organization to use it to the extent which suits your needs.  OneDesk is feature-rich Enterprise software, meaning that users can utilize the program freely and make use of other programs when the opportunity arises. OneDesk helps put everyone in your product or service delivery team on the same page to deliver exactly what the customer is looking for.

OneDesk is an integrated platform of applications, including social media monitoring, customer feedback and idea management, customer service management, requirements management and project management. OneDesk also has integrated its collaboration tools that permit customers, employees and business partners to connect continuously throughout the entire product and service development process. Businesses of any size can take advantage of the program to facilitate collaboration and product management, while creating a stronger customer base and business at the same time.

One of the biggest perks to using the program is that customers can offer suggestions and feedback to members of the company, making for a well-rounder approach to the creation of a new product. OneDesk allows users to join or watch customer conversations to enhance the development process.


Here is what your business can do with OneDesk:

Engage with your customers and take action. Today, customers are online discussing your products and services. OneDesk helps you leverage social media(Facebook, Twitter, blogs, discussions, etc.) and other web media (email, portals, etc.) to discover what is being said about your brands, industry and competitors.

With OneDesk’s feedback and ideas managementtools, users can easily capture customer suggestions, keep on top of conversations, reply to them, and feed customer input directly into the development process.No feedback is misplaced or lost within the program, but is instead it is properly categorized, responded-to, and acted upon.

Reduce customer service costs. Building strong customer relationships involves resolving customer issues in a timely manner. OneDesk’s integrated help desksolution allows you to automate your customer service, tap into the knowledge base from employees, partners and customers, while creating and managing a community of loyal contributors.

Simplify the requirements and project management processes. OneDesk lets you easily manage and prioritize product and service requirements. A comprehensive project managementand collaboration application addresses the needs of Project Managers and their teams.

Structure the conversation and get the job done. It is important to structure the conversation between employees, partners and customers to deliver business value. Derek Gold, VP of Product Marketing highlights this point: “If collaboration is unstructured, there is a danger of wasting time and generating a lot of noise of uncertain value. OneDesk’s social collaborationtools are directly connected to business goals.” The program includes discussion forums, blogs, chat, idea voting and more.

Visual Product Planning. OneDesk’s product road mapping capabilities provide a dynamic, real-time, view of product plans over time. Users can plan out releases based on available resources, and automatically track their progress as they are executed. Visual plans of costs, work and schedules help companies improve long and short term decision making through more accurate analyses and estimates. This tool eradicates the need of creating roadmaps in external tools.

Flexible product and release structures: Users can now keep track of releases and sub projects with OneDesk. Assign requirements, ideas, issues, and features to releases, ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and plan with confidence.

Combining all of OneDesk’s applications, businesses can create and maintain organizational strategies in the social media sphere while keeping parties briefed on the project’s process. Well-coordinated management of projects will also improve time-to-market and lower product costs and OneDesk is promoting all of its programs to better the experience for business owners.

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