May 19, 2020

Qumu Searches for IT Professional for Upcoming Video

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Qumu Searches for IT Professional for Upcoming Video


Qumu, the leading business video platform provider,  understands the importance of IT professionals in the workplace. In celebration of their hard work, Qumu is looking for a real life SysAdmin to star in an upcoming Hollywood short film.

This isn’t Qumu’s first venture into film. Previously featured on Business Review Canada, Qumu saluted system administrators everywhere with their science-fiction short film directed by Gears of War video art director and filmmaker Jerry O’Flaherty.  See the previous video here.

Qumu isn’t anywhere near done. Their first video was just the beginning of a series of films they plan to produce. Offering professional IT SysAdmins a chance of a lifetime, Qumu is inviting IT professionals to apply to star in their next film (which includes a trip to Hollywood). In addition to starring in the short film, the winner will dine with the cast and crew, and see behind the scenes film making. Accomodations include hotel room and limousine ride to the set.  The application to enter the contest is located here.

Qumu and Harris Interactive recently found that video on mobile devices in the workplace has made SysAdmin jobs more complex. With 61 per cent of surveyed North Americans saying they believe companies should allow employees to use whichever mobile device they choose on work related tasks, only 9 per cent of those surveyed said they were aware of how video effects the speed and bandwith of a company’s wireless Internet. This shows that SysAdmins are working harder, with little to no empathy when it comes to video implementation at the office.



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“Not enough people know the challenges that IT professionals face or appreciate the work that we do,” said Ted Kekatos“SysAdmins not only worry about electronic threats, but also power outages, fires and floods.  When the email server goes down at 2 AM on a Sunday, your sysadmin is paged, wakes up, and goes to work.  Now we are faced with a new challenge – video on mobile devices.  Qumu’s new video illustrates the challenge in a fun way while also giving us the respect we deserve and the recognition we crave.”

Qumu CEO RayHood realizes that today’s SysAdmin’s are the reason many businesses are still in operation. “We know today’s challenge for the SysAdmin is made exponentially more complex now that they are being asked to support video consumption on any device their coworkers chose to use at work.  That’s why we created this special video dramatizing the challenges the SysAdmin faces so more people will be aware that the SysAdmin is crucial to keeping their companies running.”

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