Rimage Launches Online Piracy Prevention Tool

By Bizclik Editor


Rimage announced earlier this week its new tool Signal Online Publishing, offering a solution for sharing mobile content securely to almost any device. Sharing content with subscribers directly, Signal Online Publishing also provides management abilities so companies can control its content distribution more thoroughly.

"The ability to share content securely with customers, suppliers and partners is critical to many mission-critical business processes," said Melissa Webster, program vice president at IDC for content and digital media technologies. "Simple file transfer just isn't enough -- customers need to be able to apply policies to the content to protect it as it travels outside the organization, and expire the content or revoke access as necessary to protect their intellectual property. And they need a solution that not only protects but also reliably delivers all types of content -- including rich media and video."

This new tool can specifically be beneficial to movie studios in their pursuit of screening content but preventing illegal distribution.  The tool is so thorough in management applications that content can be controlled from subscriber’s devices even when they are disconnected from the Internet.

“We developed Signal as a solution for companies that need to carefully control their content - from entertainment studios to corporate communications,” said Sherman Black, President and CEO of Rimage.  “TV, film, and post-production professionals need a solution like Signal for screeners and pre-release materials to publish digital content securely without being leaked.  On the corporate communications side, Signal is perfect for board communications, mergers and acquisitions, meetings under NDA, or anything that requires sensitivity or control.  Signal ensures that anything transmitted in a business setting stays with intended recipients and is the most current and relevant version.”

The Signal tool allows companies complete control of content publishing. From choosing which devices can access content, how long content is available, companies can be reassured their subscribers are getting content in the exact way that’s desired.  Additionally, the tool offers subscriber viewing analytics for further data analysis.



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“Signal is a secure mobile content publishing platform in that it gives you control of your content even after it’s delivered, both online and offline,” said Samir Mittal, Chief Technology Officer of Rimage.  “Signal Online Publishing gives publishers a direct and differentiated channel to their subscribers.  Signal offers the publisher a way to keep content encrypted in-transit, at rest and during playback.  Signal gives subscribers a positive experience no matter who or where subscribers are and regardless of Internet connectivity.”

Specific highlights of Signal Online Publishing include:

“Signal’s publishing wizard enables non-technical business users to efficiently publish content in the correct format the first time and every time:

  • Companies can upload media of all formats, such as videos, images,  audio and documents for viewing on iPads and nearly any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device
  • Transcoding and securing of files is streamlined into one step, regardless of the number of target devices, saving time for both business and IT
  • Signal provides publishers the ability to invite subscribers and manage their content in a few simple clicks

Signal also features robust encryption and security measures to ensure content remains safe and confidential without passwords or logins for subscribers:

  • Security policies are enforced whether online or offline, so there is no need to worry even if a device is offline
  • The platform’s powerful and persistent Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is flexible to protect content while handling a variety of policies to support almost any business model
  • Signal’s security minimizes risk associated with delivering content to vulnerable tablets and smart phones”

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