Salesforce: top 10 facts

By Catherine Rowell

Since launching in 1999, cloud-based computing company Salesforce has become a multinational, commercial success, with a revenue of $6.667 billion in 2016 alone. With headquarters in San Francisco, we take a look at some interesting facts which has made the company flourish.


  • Proceeds have enabled the business to support not only technological improvements for corporate businesses, but provide essential education for young people in schools.
  • Since 2014, the company has sought to collaborate with organisations to help promote the skill of coding within schools, with the aim to diversify and improve the knowledge of children.
  • Salesforce will be donating $8.5 million in Oakland and San Francisco to ensure students are able to receive and improve education within computer science, in addition to enabling its staff to undertake voluntary work within the schools in 2016-2017.
  • The company has won over 10 awards for its innovative approach to providing sophisticated technological support for a multitude of businesses.
  • To support employees who wish to return to education themselves, Salesforce has adopted an Education Reimbursement Policy, where they will repay 100 percent of the costs an employee will incur. 
  • Since its launch, the company has provided over $128 million in grants
  • The company have been involved with over 40 acquisitions, becoming one of the most successful cloud computing businesses in the world
  • Popular businesses such as Unilever, Kuoni, Just Eat and O2 all utilise Salesforce software.
  • Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has seen an increase in sales revenue by up to 37 percent, with the aim to help businesses sell their products efficiently and develop positive, stronger relationships with customers and clients.
  • In 2018, the San Francisco based team will be moving into the ‘Salesforce Tower’, previously known as the Transbay Tower, which will become the tallest building in the area and the second tallest within America. Currently under construction, the build will comprise of over 60 floors, at which company will reside in over half of the building, of which the tower was renamed.


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