ServiceNow/Cisco: enhancing contact tracing capabilities

By Georgia Wilson
ServiceNow partners with Cisco to enhance COVID-19 contact tracing capabilities...

In an announcement made by ServiceNow, the company reports its latest partnership with Cisco to enhance COVID-19 contract tracing capabilities. 

As part of the partnership ServiceNow has integrated Cisco DNA Spaces into its WiFi enabled Proximity Reporting app. The integration will allow businesses returning employees to work, the capability to monitor their workspaces to ensure social distancing is being applied. In addition the company added additional capabilities to its ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite to make travel safer and manageable. 

“We are committed to innovating and expanding the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite to help businesses manage the new and complex workflows required to help keep employees healthy and workplaces safe,” commented Blake McConnell, senior vice president of Employee Workflow Products at ServiceNow.

“Through the power of the Now Platform, we are helping our customers navigate this uncharted territory and solve the unique challenges that arise as a result of the pandemic, so that companies and employees can feel confident and safe about returning to the workplace.”

The integration will allow customers of both Cisco and ServiceNow to import location based data into the contact tracing app to identify potential interactions with affected employees. 

The proximity data from Cisco DNA Spaces also allows customers to better understand the extent of each interaction and potential exposure to a floor or building.

ServiceNow and Cisco’s ambition is to help reduce transmission of infectious diseases in the workplace - such as COVID-19 - by identifying on-site employees who may have come into contact with an affected employee. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with ServiceNow to help our customers prioritise the health and safety of their workers,” added Rajesh Reddy, Head of Product, Cisco DNA Spaces. 

“By integrating Cisco DNA Spaces, the industry’s leading indoor cloud location platform, with the power of the ServiceNow platform, customers can more easily deploy and manage end-to-end return to workplace solutions. Our customers can confidently introduce return to work policies knowing they have a solution to react quickly to an incident, while also protecting the privacy of employees.”   

ServiceNow also introduced its Employee travel Safety app as part of its Safe Workplace suite. The app enables organisations to pre-authorise business travel based on the safety of the destination. The app also provides automatic health verification before and during travel, as well as daily contact tracing check-ins to ensure company safety guidelines are followed.

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