Software as a Service Introduces Life Changing Technology

By Bizclik Editor

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Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Companies are using cloud based platforms to sell and maintain their software service at a rapid pace. Because SaaS is deployed instantaneously, there is no need to indirect distribution because the product or software is not distributed physically. The cost for a SaaS is generally lower and often purchased for a monthly or annual fee.

A variety of companies are offering a plethora of different software through cloud based systems that not only help you become more productive as a business professional, but also to have a little fun.


Dropbox has redesigned the way business professionals transfer files to one another from computers, smartphones or tablets. You can edit documents, automatically add photos and access your videos from virtually anywhere. Perhaps the greatest feature is that you can share large files and project folders with one person or an entire team of people, make updates to those documents and use Dropbox almost like a virtual base camp for projects with robust admin controls. All of your files are automatically held private until you choose to share them, so you can have confidence in knowing that your private documents, pictures and videos are protected because Dropbox secures your files with AES-256 bit encryption and two step verification. Even if your cell phone, computer or tablet is lost, damaged or stolen Dropbox can be restored in a snap.

Apple iTunes

No software as a service is quite as popular or more widely used by people of all ages and backgrounds like Apple iTunes.  iTunes, for those of you that have been living under a rock, is an application where users can download music, videos, TV shows, games, and more. You can add a bevy of your favorite things to your iTunes account to keep you entertained while on the go. You can download iTunes to your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV. It keeps your music, videos, and more, organized and ready for you.  As Apple says, “It’s the perfect way to listen, watch, read, play, explore, and shop.”

Perhaps one of the coolest new features offered by iTunes is Genius. Genius searches your library of songs to find songs that go well together, and then organizes them into genre-based mixes. You can put together your own Genius playlist by choosing one of your favorite songs and selecting ‘Start Genius.’ The service selects songs with the same feel and vibe and creates a playlist just for you.

iTunes is the best way to manage and enjoy music, games, videos, and much more.

Online Learning

One of the most innovative and forward thinking uses of software as a service is the integration of online learning in the virtual space. Once upon a time you had to go into a classroom to get an education. That is no longer the case. You can now get your high school diploma, undergraduate degree or even your master’s degree from the comfort of your home, favorite coffee shop or anywhere that has WiFi.

Many universities initially started with one or two classes available online, perhaps to test the waters with the digital classroom, or to see if students were gaining any knowledge from the virtual learning space. Online education has since taken off. Full programs are now offered online. University of Phoenix is one of the most notable schools to offer online courses and has seen great success. Major universities like Arizona State University are now offering programs online to compete with market.

The inception of online education has made it possible for busy business professionals, like you, to finish their degree or even obtain a masters degree.

Software as a service has made day-to-day operations a lot easier. Whether it is transferring files between co-workers, listening to your favorite band, or getting your college degree, SaaS is a part of your life. 


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