May 19, 2020

Sony Ericsson Canada Hacked

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Sony Ericsson
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Sony Ericsson Canada Hacked


It was revealed on Wednesday that the Sony Ericsson Canadian eShop website has been hacked, affecting 2,000 users. This is just the latest of an online attack on Sony services that started earlier this month.

In this most recent theft, which targeted the joint venture between Sony and Sweden’s Ericsson, was discovered on Tuesday and the affected website was shut down with a message “D’oh! The page you are looking for has gone walkabout. Sorry.” 

"Sony Ericsson's website in Canada, which advertises its products, has been hacked, affecting 2,000 people," said a Sony spokesperson to the AFP. "Their personal information was posted on a website called 'The Hacker News'. The information includes registered names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. But it does not include credit card information."



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Previous attacks started with the security breach and massive theft of personal data from Sony’s PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment which included names, passwords and addresses from over 100 million accounts. This series of breaches has severely damaged Sony’s brand image and leaves customers wondering about their security measures. Sony announced Monday that it expected to post a $3.2 billion USD net loss for the 2011 fiscal year based on these hacks as well as the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Sony continues to try to make its services more secure as well as bring them back up to par. It expects all issues to be solved by the end of this month. We’ll have to see if they can support their systems correctly and prevent further attacks. 

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