Is Splunk the Answer for Your Company?

By Adam Groff

If your company is looking for real-time operational intelligence for its computing needs, then Splunk might just be the IT answer.

Splunk is helping some Canadian companies and hundreds of other companies across the globe unlock useful insights from their data management practices.

With IT ROI in mind, here are just a few ways your company can take advantage of Splunk:

Application Management

Your company probably uses more than one type of application on a daily basis. Whether it's a social, cloud-based, or mobile platform, Splunk can help your company handle a number of infrastructures seamlessly.

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In the world of application management, it's all about visibility and Splunk offers visibility across everything from web servers, databases, and a number of other applications. This allows your business to correlate applications and proactively find infrastructure inconsistencies faster, which eliminates application issues.

Big Data Insights

Whether you own a small business or one of Canada's largest corporations, data management is the key to your company's success. As data sets expand with each passing minute, Splunk is there to handle all of that valuable information.

With Splunk, your company can extract valuable business insights from even the most insignificant data.

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Splunk's analytics tools are scalable, which means they can handle diverse big data sets.

In other words, if your company's data is becoming too large to handle, Splunk can create separate analytics stores to balance the load.

Digital Intelligence

As the following article shows, there's a reason why customers want to get real-time mainframe big data into Splunk: actionable insights. Splunk is answering the call by offering unparalleled digital intelligence across multiple channels and platforms.

Real-time is the only timescale your company works within, which is why real-time insights for your data are so important. You can use Splunk's web analytics tools to improve data usage for both historical and real-time data.

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These insights also help your company improve its customer satisfaction, mobile, and website practices.

Digital intelligence in real-time will provide your company the opportunity to derive value from its data much faster. This optimizes your digital world and puts you ahead of other Canadian companies.

Cloud Computing

You can't really talk about big data and digital intelligence without mentioning the cloud.

Splunk also offers cloud services that offer continuous scalability, increased uptime, and virtual security standards that are ready to stop any online threat.

Because Splunk's cloud service is ready for enterprises both large and small, it enables your company to search, collect, store, analyze, and monitor machine data across multiple platforms.

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In addition, because the data exists on the cloud, your company can access and monitor its data from just about anywhere.

IT Management

Everything above boils down to one main area: IT operations and management. With the operational visibility and scalability of Splunk, your company can resolve IT problems faster, which reduces overall IT operations costs.

Not only that, Splunk continuously monitors your digital environment for fluctuations and deviations in performance. When changes do occur, Splunk automatically correlates your various infrastructures, which creates a more streamlined IT process.

When it comes to improving your company's digital world, Splunk might just be the answer.


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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and business.


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