May 19, 2020

Spotify Headed to Canada

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Spotify Headed to Canada


Spotify will soon available to Canadians according to its annual report. Purchasing a subsidiary in Canada last year, Spotify stated in April its plans to launch into the Canadian market in an effort to grow it’s audience and futher position itself as the world’s largest music-streaming service.

Heralded as an innovative Internet music-streaming service by users in the US and UK, Spotify offers users the ability to stream any song in its library instantly for free with limited commercial interruption. Offering the ability to create playlists and listen to music on any computer, the service is a portable music library available at home or on-the-go via mobile.

Currently available in 15 countries, Canada’s launch is not the only upcoming opportunity on Spotify’s list. Alluded to in the same annual report, the company possibly is also eyeing Asia and South America as soon to be target markets.

“A world of music awaits,” states Spotify’s corporate website, and in reality it does. Adding a social element as well through connection to Facebook, users can utilize social media to discover and share new music.



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Spotify comes with three access versions, Free, Unlimited and Premium. Unlimited and Premium offer Spotify with no advertisements and a variety of extra features that make the service even better, costing $4.99 and $9.99 monthly respectively.

A company on the forefront of legal Internet-based music services, Spotify has listened to the Internet audience’s need for instantaneous music at a low price and providing a solution to the piracy dilemma. With its plans to grow its service to other countries, will Spotify take over the music-streaming world? Only time will tell. 

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