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By Bizclik Editor


Today, people are more connected than ever before. The average worker uses a multitude of digital devices weekly, such as computers, smartphones and tablets. TeamViewer has  concluded from a recent study, that many people who live in North America feel lost when not connected.

In a recent survey of 2000 workers located in North America, conducted by Harris Interactive,  there were some surprising results:

  • Nearly two thirds of Americans are now using more than one computer, smartphone or tablet on a weekly basis
  • 63% of Americans say they use at least two computers, smartphones or tablets on a weekly basis
  • 15% said they even use four or more computers, smartphones or tablets on a weekly basis
  • 83% of Americans said people want the freedom to access their computers and devices while they’re away

As you can see, those polled expressed the need of staying connected while away from the office. Locations that those polled specified they’d want computer connectivity were pretty unexpected:

  • While on vacation – 74 per cent
  • While in bed – 48 per cent
  • While shopping with a spouse – 36 per cent
  • While at a sporting event – 29 per cent
  • While on their honeymoon – 17 per cent
  • While on a date – 11 per cent

“These findings show that no matter what the situation, an overwhelming majority of [North] Americans believe they should be able to remotely access all their devices, use applications and look for data anytime, anywhere,” said Holger Felgner, General Manager, TeamViewer.  “TeamViewer gives people the freedom to access all their applications and data, no matter how many different devices they have.  Whether people need to access their work computers to run an important application or open a document they were working on while they travel or simply pull up a favourite family photo from their home computer to show a work colleague, TeamViewer gives them the freedom they need.”

Obviously, TeamViewer can help those that feel vulnerable without their computer or access to important data. By using TeamViewer’s free remote access capability, people can easily access office or home applications and data from any of their computers.



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“TeamViewer allows me to access all of my firm’s computers when I am traveling on business,” said Melissa Ulrich of J&M Patent Designs.  “TeamViewer keeps the office data just a secure click away.  Security within our company’s data files is extremely important in the patent world and TeamViewer gives me that reassurance that all of our files can be accessed and still be protected.”

It’s clear with the results from this survey, that TeamViewer’s services are more needed than ever today. Either way, it seems TeamViewer brings a humongous convenience to workers who are on-the-go. 


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