Technology: The Future of Business in Canada

By Joyce Morse

Innovative technology makes it easier for Canadian businesses to communicate with customers and employees in an efficient and effective way.

Mobile devices allow communication to happen anytime, anywhere. This ensures that organizations stay current on important news and handle customer issues in a timely manner.

GPS-tracking Devices

GPS-tracking devices have become an essential part of many people's lives. They are also an effective tool for businesses in many ways.

Adventure companies often use them when they lead tours in remote areas. They can maintain communication with the central station and receive help immediately if a rescue is needed.

These devices are also essential for businesses that send out workers to remote jobsites. Many of them use the latest technology.

For instance, a Canadian construction company may use an app that allows them to monitor a worker's position by checking in to a secure website.

The worker has downloaded an app to his or her phone that responds to movement. It relays information about the person's whereabouts and makes it easy to send a signal for help.

In fact, some of these devices even send out an alert for inactivity, often saving someone's life if they are injured and unable to call for help.

Text Messaging

Technology is also important in business-to-customer communication.

Companies use it to send promotions and offers or to interact with customers and provide the latest updates.

For example, restaurants send out text messages about their daily specials once a customer signs up to receive them. Because people must opt in to get text messages, this method of communication has a high read rate.

Colleges and universities are also using text messaging to update potential students on the latest happenings on campus.

By making prospects feel like a part of the student body, they increase the chance that the student will choose to attend that college or university.

Any business can utilize the convenience and timeliness of text messaging to get their message out to customers.

Using the Right Communications Methods

As the article Is Your Company Communicating Like It Should? points out, businesses must provide employees with the communications tools they need to effectively do their jobs.

For those with direct contact to customers, it may be multiple methods. Some customers prefer face-to-face or over the phone communication while others respond to emails or text messages.

Web conferencing has become more popular not only with internal communication but with certain external uses as well. It can be a timely way to communicate via a web cam with vendors or even certain customers.

Many organizations even use social media as one of their communication methods.

Since their customers are already spending time on their favorite networks, it is an easy and effective way to provide the most up to date information.

Most businesses today don't just use one method of communicating with customers or employees.

They are utilizing the latest advances in technology to stay in contact in the way that is the most convenient, cost-effective and responsive.


About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.



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