Top Business Apps To Increase Productivity and Efficiency

By Bizclik Editor

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In a world that is inundated with smartphone users and business people on the go, mobile business apps can help create an efficiently run company. We have rounded up some of the best apps for you and your smartphone to increase effectiveness and help you become more organized with the tap of your screen.  Don’t be “App”rehensive about trying these easy-to-use apps!

  • Dropbox: As a kid you are told to get your head out of the clouds, but with Dropbox you can keep your head in the clouds as long as possible. This user-friendly app uses cloud-based storage, which allows your employees to easily share photos, documents and many other types of files with just one click. Dropbox is an excellent tool for file storage, and helps with the collaborative process within your business.
  • Square: Going back to square one doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, at least when referring to this fun app. Square is an easy-to-use app that utilizes a quarter-sized card reader that plugs right into your smartphone to take credit card payments on the go.
  • Addappt: Addappt continually updates your iOS address book as well as updating your contacts when personal information changes. This automatic, and convenient, feature is great for the fast-paced business world, allowing you to focus on more important business tasks.
  • Neverlate: Throw Post-It notes in the trash and turn your reminders off, there’s a new app in town. Neverlate reminds you of your next appointment time and even updates you on what time you should leave based on traffic so you arrive on time. The app is also integrated with LinkedIn and Evernote.
  • Expensify:  We all know trackingyour business expenses can be quite the headache, but the app world has created the “Advil” for this problem. With Expensify, you can document your expenses, keep track of your mileage and even scan your receipts by simply taking a photo of the receipts on your smartphone. The app syncs directly with your bank accounts and credit cards so you can monitor your expenses in real time.
  • Asana: Are you always in the dark when it comes to the status of current projects?  There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel? Asana lets you constantly monitor multiple projects at your company with real-time tracking to help keep projects aligned and on time.
  • Bump: In the business world, exchanging contact information is a very important tool for networking, and now there’s an even more efficient way to share this information. Throw away your business cards and take out your smartphones! Bump allows you to simply touch your smartphone with another smartphone to exchange business information. Go green and get techy!
  • Evernote: Is your desk cluttered with hand-written notes and to-do lists? Start employingEvernote! This convenient app gives you the ability to sync all your notes, lists and reminders across any platform to one place. You’ll never forget to pick the kids up from soccer practice or that important meeting again with Evernote reminding your smartphone, computer and tablet.
  • BLACKSOCKS: BLACKSOCKS has an app for keeping your sock sorted. Smart Socks matches your socks, records to sock purchase and makes sure the color stays crisp! Seems silly, but if you think about how many socks you’ve found missing over the years you may re-think this new app.

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