May 19, 2020

Toronto-based tech firms see rise in international job applications

MaRS Discovery District
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Toronto-based tech firms see rise in international job applications

A new survey conducted by the MaRS Discovery District, first reported on by The Canadian Press, has revealed that almost all of the Toronto-based technology firms that responded saw a rising level in international job applications last year.

MaRS surveyed Toronto-based technology firms with over $1mn annual revenues and exposure to both the US and other international markets.

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Of the 55% of companies that responded, 53% saw an increase in international job applicants through 2017 compared to 2016’s levels.

Further, the report also shows that 45% of these companies made international hires last year, with the majority of these coming from US, alongside India, China, Brazil and the UK.

The study suggests that the increasing number of international jobs applicants in Canada has come as the US, under the Trump administration, has looked to tighten their immigration policy that has included a review of an existing specialty visa program that the country’s tech industry largely relies upon.

The action being taken by the government has been criticized by a range of US tech firms as it is reducing the technology talent pool amidst a time when companies are already struggling to counteract the growing digital skills shortages.

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