May 19, 2020

US army ditches Android for iOS

Sumit Modi
1 min
US army ditches Android for iOS

The US army is rejecting Android phones for 'faster' iPhones.

This move comes after the US Army Special Operations Command decided that the Android Tactical Assault Kit was slow and prone to freezing up. These kits are modified versions of standard smartphones which are connected to a networked Harris radio and run custom military apps. The US had perviously used Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note.

By comparison, the modified iPhone 6s is allegedly faster with a smoother operating system. 

Some apps that the military is using include live maps and one based on a game called BulletFlight which allows soliders to line up an accurate shot taking into account all outside factors.

The US army has used iPod touches in the past with language-learning apps installed, and the US Department of Defence said in 2013 that iOS 6 devices were secure enough to connect to Pentagon networks for low-level security clearance work.


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