May 19, 2020

UW Health chooses Oracle Cloud as a major new technology partner

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UW Health
Prasun Bose
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UW Health chooses Oracle Cloud as a major new technology partner

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has signed a new technology partnership with Oracle Cloud for its integrated health system, UW Health.

UW Health will utilise Oracle Cloud's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which includes applications to drive efficiencies in the areas of finance, supply chain and human capital management.

The new package will replace a 20-year-old legacy system, increasing business agility, optimizing the delivery of healthcare services and ultimately improving patient outcomes. UW Health serves more than 600,000 patients annually, with 1,500 physicians and 17,000 staff at seven hospitals and 87 outpatient clinics.

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"Technology and regulations have accelerated the rate of change in the healthcare industry and our legacy business systems were struggling to keep up," said Elizabeth Bolt, senior vice president and chief operating officer, UW Health. "To ensure we could continue to deliver the best quality services as we grow, we needed agile systems that can quickly turn data into insight. Going forward, we will manage all of our HR, supply chain and financial data on a single integrated platform."

Rick Jewell, senior vice president of applications development, Oracle, added: "Healthcare organizations operate in a very dynamic environment, with changing regulations, best practices and technologies.

"With Oracle Cloud Applications, the UW Health team will always be on the latest version of our business apps enabling them to benefit from innovative new features that will enhance business agility and productivity, and, most importantly, improve patient care."

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