May 19, 2020

VentureApp targets businesses with new investment map

Catherine Rowell
2 min
VentureApp targets businesses with new investment map

US Chat platform VentureApp, has launched VentureMap New York City, a map which displays over 3,000 investments into tech start-ups, which will influence the business world and provide significant investment into new technologies.

The map displays 3,043 investments into tech start-ups by angel investors, venture capitalists, incubators, accelerators, and others, providing an interactive network visualization of the city's tech ecosystem

Working in partnership with RRE Ventures, VentureApp provides professionals with the ability to surface common investor connections and trends, search for relevant investors in their industry, and access other founders and business investors directly and immediately via VentureApp's chat interface.

The technology makes it easy for businesses to interact, gain new partnerships and investments. Growing networks with increased accessibility. On their website, VentureApp have stated, “Our mission is to make the innovation economy more accessible to everyone, which drives growth in this economic climate. In addition to every-day business conversations, VentureApp users get one-on-one access to the best entrepreneurs, experts, investors, and influencers.”

Steve Schlafman, principal at RRE Ventures and partner on VentureApp's data integrity said, "There is a flurry of investment activity in our city and VentureMap NYC captures all of that data in a visual and actionable way. When raising capital, warm introductions are everything for founders. VentureApp is making the process of finding relevant connections easier, which ensures more deals get done at the end of the day." The technology will also ensure innovation is not something for the privileged few, but will support the development of connections and various business ventures.


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