[Video] The Game-Changing App for Executives that Could Beat LinkedIn

By Shane Watson

As business executives, we are constantly looking for ways to save time, going to great lengths to improve efficiency by downloading apps, installing “solutions” software and even taking time-management courses. But is it working? Not really. Between offsite (or virtual) meetings and social media alone, efficiency is almost non-existent.  

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LinkedIn may work for poaching employees; Facebook is great for stalking your ex; Twitter provides up-to-the-minute trend-focused discussions—but who has time to update all three (and more), let alone ensure that each is relevant to its respective audience?

(Let’s get serious: Your potential client does not care about the birth of your newest niece, and your friends don’t want to hear about the release of “New Software” 1.0)

Additionally, Skype might be a great (free) tool for “in-person” virtual meetings but forget about instant messaging throughout the convo unless everyone with whom you wish to speak is an iPhone (or Android) subscriber like yourself.

Bottom line: Each of these platforms serves a specific purpose but none fulfill executives’ needs—at least not entirely.

That changes now.  

Making its debut at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas, the latest game-changing app, businessfriend, is a “channel for professionals that are suffering from S.C.S. (Scattered Communications Syndrome),” explains Freddie Pierce, vice president of product and co-creator of the app. 

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Founder and CEO Glen White echoes this statement, describing businessfriend as one “complete forum that enables constant connectivity for optimal business communications. One mobile app, one desktop, any device.” 

So what, exactly, does that entail?

Pretty much anything anyone would ever need to communicate or collaborate on a professional and/or personal level (…or both—the app allows for connectivity without having to share personal contact information).

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“We’re providing one place to consolidate all of your current communications, mediums and channels into one easy to use application. You’ll never have to say ‘I didn’t get that email’ or ‘where did that document go’ again,” Pierce concludes.

A few of the key (FREE!) features include:

  • Video Chat
  • Instant Messenger
  • VoIP Calls
  • Social Feed
  • 2 GBs of Cloud Storage
  • Content Sharing
  • Contact Management System, or Digidex™

….and much more! Check out the video below for a visual review.

Log on to www.businessfriend.com via your desktop, or download the app through the App Store or Google Play—just don’t be the last one to “redefine your workflow.”


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