May 19, 2020

[Video] How DevOps helps you deliver faster business value

Forrester Research
Kurt Bittner
Tomas H. Lucero
2 min
[Video] How DevOps helps you deliver faster business value

As a senior manager, do you feel that your firm is not interacting with your customers quickly enough?

If you need faster delivery times, and you don’t have Dev Ops— a software development approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other information technology professionals—perhaps it’s time to revisit the issue.

In this video, Kurt Bittner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, argues that DevOps gives you the tools and techniques for reorganizing and refocusing your efforts to deliver those faster cycle times and deliver faster business value.

DevOps also reduces a lot of the problems that organizations have with having things working in one environment and not working in others.

Bittner also argues that DevOps is a complement to, and improvement on, Agile—software for “product lifecycle management.”

“When we see what organizatiosn were trying to do with Agile, they wanted to be faster or more responsive to customer needs and so Agile is a part of that. In a sense, DevOps is Agile 3.0,” asserts Bittner.

“Agile provides you with a means of breaking work down into smaller chunks and delivering in increments. What DevOps does is really take that across the finish line and enables you to actually deliver that value to customers predictably, reliably and at a higher quality. So if you need faster business value, you probably need DevOps,” concludes Bittner.   

Lastly, DevOps is not an approach that your organization needs to be married to forever, or all of the time. You can shelf it when you decided that, at least for the time being, you’ve got all the benefits that you want out of it.

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