May 19, 2020

[Video] Top 5 Favorite Electronics for 2014

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Jeff Harvey
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[Video] Top 5 Favorite Electronics for 2014

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Looking to upgrade your entertainment system? Need a new phone with all the right features? Trying to decide on the perfect gift this season for your tech friend?

With the world of technology constantly evolving and changing around us, it's hard to keep up with the most current trends. Throughout 2014 there have been so many technological advances and software or gadget upgrades that deciding on which electronics to purchase can become a little overwhelming. There is always the hesitation to commit to a device when you never know if a newer, faster, stronger one is going to be released next week.

Well look no further! In the video below, the top 5 favorite devices for 2014 have been identified, including a variety of smart watches and 4K TVs and monitors, to help you decide on your next gadget or device.  

Take a look at the video below to discover these top electronics and find out which brands are providing them.

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