May 19, 2020

[Video] Top Eight Stories from International CES 2015

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Shane Watson
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[Video] Top Eight Stories from International CES 2015

By now there are few people unfamiliar with the term “CES,” and even fewer who are unaware of the copious amounts of game-changing technology poised to appear in 2015.

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CNET’s senior editor Donald Bell and editor at large Brian Cooley sat down to discuss what they consider to be the top eight stories of the International CES 2015. While most on the list will not come as a surprise, not every high-tech trend made the cut (where are the drones?). What’s great about this video is just that: it’s not the same cookie-cutter call-outs we’ve been hearing about since the event kicked off in Las Vegas last week, but rather a compilation of those that we will still be talking about in Q2. 

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Bell and Cooley show up-close examples of the standouts in each story (the demo of Volkswagen’s Golf R Touch 12-inch LCD is not to be missed), debate pros and cons, discuss industry leaders, and provide future predictions for each. Here’s a breakdown of the eight:

8. Portable Audio File Players

7. Laptops

6. Cheap (or affordable) Smartphones

5. Car Tech

4. Virtual Reality

3. Smart Home

2. 4K TVs

1. Sling TV

Watch the video below to see what we can expect in 2015. 

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