Ways to Keep Video Conferencing Costs Low

By Bizclik Editor

Many businesses can be attracted to video conferencing because it is one effective way to cut costs. By meeting online instead of face-to-face meetings, companies will be able to save significant amount of money on travel and accommodation. According to Travel Leaders Corporate, a corporate travel management, the average costs for both domestic and international trips have increased from the first quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2013. International travel costs $2,398 while domestic travel costs $965.

There's also no hassle in setting up online meetings. Just determine the date and participants and send out the invitations and that's it.

There are many benefits to video conferences. They allow employees flexibility, which helps them achieve a better work-life balance. This often results to more productive and motivated workers. For companies, this is great news. Employees who are willing to work hard and go the extra mile can help contribute to the company's growth. The cost-effectiveness of video conferencing also appeals to many business owners, as services like the Blue Jeans Network can remove the expense of travel and much of the hassle from meetings.

Sadly, there may be companies that are spending more than they should. Instead of saving money, they end up paying more. This usually happens when companies are not careful when choosing the service provider or video conferencing package.

Here are some tips on how companies can take advantage of web conferencing while keeping costs down (or even lower):

Choose a Tool with an All-in-One Package

Before you decide on a service provider, determine first how often you'll hold meetings. If your business requires frequent meetings, then find a provider that can offer a flat monthly rate. You can't also be certain how long video calls last, and if you're paying per hour, expect the bill to add up. Plans that charge per meeting or per hour only save you money if you meet rarely or for short periods of time.

Experiment with Free Web Conference Tools

 Companies that don't want to spend anything on video conferencing can try the free tools. There are plenty of them available on the web. These are ideal for those who don't need advanced features. If you're only going to need the video call feature, then the free tools should suffice. Small businesses may consider this, especially those who are not too concerned about ads, since many of these are ad-supported. However, they often have limits on the number of people who can be in a conference at one time, the technical support is usually minimal, and the call quality may be erratic.

Use VoIP

 By using Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) services, you don't incur phone costs. Since all calls are placed over the web, you can call anyone no matter where they are in the world. There are no additional costs no matter how long or often you make calls. You will still pay the agreed flat rate.

Only Invite People Required for the Meeting

 There are video conference service providers that charge based on the number of participants. If this is the kind of service you have, then make sure to invite only the people who need to be in the meeting. This will help you keep costs down and ensure that the meeting goes well. Having too many people who aren't necessary to the meeting will make it take longer and could add to confusion or tangents you don't need to explore.

Only Pay for the Features You Need

When you look for video conferencing tools, you're going to see plenty of attractive plans. Some will offer you 1,000 minutes of video storage. Others may offer high definition. These all sound great, but do you really need them?  They may well be additional costs that you can live without. Before you talk to service providers, list down the essentials. Determine the features you will need so you will know which features to refuse.

Shop Around

As with most services, do not settle with the first company you talk to. You might be impressed by the features they presented to you. Don't make a decision yet. Let them know that you are going to think about it. It's OK to consider other options – you want to find the best service and rates possible.

Acting on impulse can lead you to trouble. You may realize that you're stuck in a plan that is too expensive for your needs, with features that you can't use, and since you've signed an agreement, you have no other choice but to wait until the contract expires.


Affordable video conferencing is possible. You can find a service that lets you keep costs low without compromising the quality of service you can provide your customers. Go in with a plan so that you can find a service that meets all your needs and will work with you to make sure your plan is exactly what you want.


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