May 19, 2020

What you need to know about Google +1

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What you need to know about Google +1

Written By: Nadia Ibanez

Just days after Google got a slap on the wrist about its privacy policy issues with its Google Buzz, Google is making another move to attempt to become a force in the social media world. The search engine giant has launched a feature called “+1” that is strikingly similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, but is integrated into Google search.

Google users who opt into +1 button experiment in Google Labs will see the +1 icon next to every link in Google search results. When users +1 a link, their name becomes associated with the link in search results, on ads and all over the web – so if you’re into privacy on the web, this may not be a good project to become part of. And if you have a Google Profile, which is required to use the +1 lab, those +1’s will also be available for viewing. This is a serious “public stamp of approval” as Google calls it, and makes for a worldwide ability for strangers to see what you’re into on the Internet.

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It seems as if Google has taken a couple notes from Facebook’s Like button and will also allow readers to +1 a link without ever leaving the publisher’s site. Since the inception of the Like button, more than 2 million websites have installed the application. Google may have a bit less exposure to its +1 program, since user activity becomes public knowledge. I can imagine social media and marketing junkies, along with business owners, will definitely find interest in +1 to build a brand and engage customers. Google also says +1 data will directly influence its market share dominating search rankings.

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