May 19, 2020

Which Logitech video conferencing camera is best for you?

Catherine Rowell
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Which Logitech video conferencing camera is best for you?

Since the launch of video conferencing in the 1970s, this sophisticated technology has developed to become one of the most beneficial functions for international businesses to discuss corporate affairs around the world with future leaders, effectively forging and maintaining positive working relationships worldwide.

With the recent news that international giant Logitech has partnered with Microsoft to build the Logitech SmartDock, targeted at businesses which currently utilise the Skype platform, we take a look the SmartDock and other video conferencing cameras made by Logitech, which have proved popular with corporate businesses.


The first video conference camera in this format, the SmartDock incorporates a motion sensor within its design, incorporating advanced camera, speaker and video equipment which compliment other technologies under the Skype umbrella.

Only available to reserve currently, it is sure to be a hit with corporate businesses and become one of Logitech’s best sellers.

Logitech GROUP

Suitable for a meeting of up to 20 people, the Logitech GROUP is compatible with Windows and MAC and can enable up to this number to contribute to discussions.

Providing crisp audio and high quality video, the camera is able to tilt and zoom when required, incorporating noise reduction technology. However, it is one of the most expensive models on the market.


What it lacks in size, the Connect technology makes up for in efficiency. Suitable for meetings of up to six people, and for people who are continuously on the move, Connect provides 360-degree sound and 4x digital zoom and incorporates a rechargeable battery, allowing 3 hours of conversation time.


The PTZ Pro is one of Logitech’s most versatile video conferencing camera’s, ideal for large or smaller meeting spaces.

Compatible with a wife range of software, the camera is lightweight, with a wide zoom and incorporation of a 130 degree tilt.


The smallest video conference technology in Logitech’s collection, the BCC950 is suitable for groups of up to four, ideal for meetings within smaller spaces, providing clear audio quality.


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