Jun 01, 2020

Business Review North America's Top 10 Canadian News Stories of 2012

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Business Review North America's Top 10 Canadian News Stories of 2012


As we near the end of 2012, its time to look back and see what were the most popular stories for Business Review North America’s Canada Edition in 2012.

10. BlackBerry PlayBook Outsells Apple iPad in Canada

Through a somewhat interesting route, RIM announced through their official Twitter in March that the BlackBerry PlayBook had out sold the iPad at major retailers in Canada. Still a major player in the technological market in their home country, RIM proved national loyalty after the release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.


9. Canada's Fashion Brands Bring High Fashion to the Masses

Fashionistas and designers alike flock to Toronto annually in March to partake in celebrating the upcoming Fall and Winter collections. High fashion was on everyone’s mind in March due to World MasterCard Fashion Week that occurred March 12th through the 17th.


8. Target Canada Announces 24 Store Locations for 2013

The Target Corporation announced in January the location of its first 24 stores in Canada. Located throughout Ontario, these locations are just the beginning of the Target Canada launch planned for 2013. Target Canada, overall, has purchased 189 leasehold interests which were operated by Zellers. Planned to occur throughout 2013, Target’s expansion is estimated to open 125 to 135 locations.


7. Air Canada Debuts the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Air Canada introduced the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Canada in March in celebration of the company’s 75th anniversary. Air Canada agreed to 37 firm orders with Boeing for the 787 and options for 13 more to be purchased at a later time. The Boeing 787 will be utilized in the Air Canada fleet beginning early 2014 with the delivery of the first seven commercial aircraft.


6. Sixty Canadians Awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Sixty Canadians were honoured by receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Awarded to Canadians who have made significant contributions and achievements to the nation, the Diamond Jubilee Medal marked the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada.


5. Canadian Real Estate Forecast For 2012

Reported in April, low interest rates and economic job growth characterised the Canadian property market, leading toward stabilisation and a greater ability to maintain slow economic growth throughout the economic crisis. These unique attributes made the Canadian property market increasingly attractive to overseas investors who injected money into the Canadian real estate market. This investor attention created a slow rise in Canadian home prices, as opposed to other countries where the real estate industry remained stagnant.


4. Health Canada Announces Recall of IKEA High Chair

Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) announced a joint recall of IKEA ANTILOP high chair. The recall came from a high chair belt malfunction and affected 169,000 of the chair units, 36,000 IKEA high chairs in Canada.


3. Canada's Top Cities for Real Estate Investment

Real estate investments in Canada are just as lucrative today as they were before the worldwide financial crisis, in fact, arguably even more so.  Due to Canada’s diverse regional economies, the Canadian real estate market is now better analyzed on an individual provincial basis. As usual, the most vibrant real estate jewels are hiding in the small to mid-sized towns, where relatively low housing prices combined with surging local economies make for a more predictable and stable market.


2. Gmail Class Action Suit Filed in Canada Over Privacy Concerns

A class action lawsuit was filed in October against Google in British Columbia. Filed by plaintiff Wayne Plimmer, a retired resident of Sechelt, BC, with the Supreme Court of BC, the suit alleges that Google utilizes information garnered from its scanning of email on its Gmail accounts for monetary gain, specifically creating targeted ads to Gmail users off of said information.


1. Best eReaders for Canadian Book Lovers

Reading has become more technologically advanced. eReaders have become the newest book-lover’s must-have device. Providing ease of use, an always slim size and access to millions of books without ever leaving one’s residence, it’s no surprise why eReaders are becoming popular. Whether you love fiction, non-fiction, business books, cook books, celebrity magazines etc., eReaders provide a multitude of opportunities for users’ learning or reading enjoyment. In April, Business Review North America highlighted the best eReaders for Canadians which included devices from popular brands such as Kobo, Amazon Kindle and Sony

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