Dec 18, 2020

Gartner: Top 10 insights into strategy and execution

Janet Brice
6 min
Business Chief takes a step-by-step look through Gartner’s insights report on how c-suite executives can excel at strategy and execution...

The e-book, Top Insights for the C-Suite; How to Excel at Both Strategy and Execution, delivers insights from Gartner research featuring data and findings from proprietary surveys and engagements. 

The annual 2019-2020 edition highlights the actions that progressive leaders are taking to improve their execution and drive forward the organisation’s objectives, especially during disruption and uncertainty. 

“Business leaders today face a very challenging business environment marked by significant change, competition, uncertainty - and opportunity,” said Mike Harris, Executive Vice President, Research & Advisory, Gartner.  

“Although many organisations find it hard to accelerate through the kinds of disruptions and mixed signals they face, Gartner research shows that there are ways to position your business to drive through disruption and come out ahead, but it takes concerted action and preparation.”

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