Dec 18, 2020

Gartner: Top 10 insights into strategy and execution

Janet Brice
6 min
human resources
Human resources
Human Resources: Power of the Connector Manager...

Gartner research finds that one type of manager outperforms the others - the Connector Manager (CM) who prioritise their coaching time differently. 

“CMs can boost both employee and team performance by diagnosing employees’ real development needs and connecting them with the right coaching support,” said Jaime Roca Sr. Vice President Gartner Research & Advisory.

“When coaching employees, CMs make three connections that aid development: 

1 The employee connection - CMs really get to know their employees to adapt their coaching to employees’ individual development needs

2 The team connection - CMs make development a team sport and connect team members for skill sharing and peer development 

3 The organisation connection - CMs refer employees to the right development coaches at the right time

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