Jun 01, 2020

LinkedIn Determines the Top 10 Skills to Get You Hired

Mobile Application Development
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LinkedIn Determines the Top 10 Skills to Get You Hired

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With the job market being more competitive than ever, it is important to highlight the right skills that employers are looking for on your resume.  Luckily, LinkedIn has conducted a survey among its Canadian users to determine the top ten skills that are most likely to get you hired.

Though the study is limited to LinkedIn users, there are about 10 million Canadians are members on the social site contributing to the sample size.

With the growing popularity among businesses to have their own App for mobile devices and a strong presence in social media, it’s no surprise that Mobile Application Development ranks the highest at 30.4%.  It’s also worth noting that seven out of the ten skills are related to digital media or programming. 

In the list below, the percentage number represents the fraction of LinkedIn users that had the skill listed on their resume and began a new job since last September. 

Here is the list of the most in-demand skills:

1. Mobile Application Development 30.4 %

2. Software Revision Control Systems 27.2 %

3. Social Media Marketing 27.1 %

4. Economics 26.1 %

5. Programming languages (Perl/Python/Ruby) 24.8 %

6. Computer Graphics and Animation 23.7 %

7. Software Code Debugging 23.6 %

8. Data Presentation 23.0 %

9. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 22.7 %

10. User Interface Design 22.5 %

Additionally, to take the survey further, LinkedIn also determined which Canadian cities have been hiring the most during the same time period, with Calgary and Toronto topping the list with the highest percent of new hires.

Here’s the full list of the cities that have the highest hiring rates for LinkedIn users:

1. Calgary 8.6 %

2. Toronto 7.2 %

3. Vancouver 7.0 %

4. Halifax 7.0 %

5. Kitchener 7.0 %

6. Montreal 6.8 %

7. Edmonton 6.7 %

8. Ottawa 6.3 %

9. London 5.4 %

10. Winnipeg 4.9 %


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