Apr 29, 2021

LinkedIn: Top 10 US companies investing in talent in 2021

Kate Birch
5 min
From Apple and IBM to Deloitte and EY, these are the top 10 companies in the North America who are investing in talent, according to LinkedIn

Following a hiatus from LinkedIn’s annual list in 2020, the professional networking giant is back this year with its fifth annual LinkedIn Top Companies list , for 2021, a ranking of the best workplaces for employees to nurture their careers and the top companies investing in talent. The rankings cover most western countries across the US, Europe and APAC. 

According to LinkedIn, these firms help employees build a professional foundation that empowers them to not only succeed there, but beyond the company too. 

The companies have been selected according to seven specific criteria, including ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, gender diversity, company affinity and educational background.

From AT&T which consistently commits to upskilling its employees with digital skills, to IBM which is known for hiring autistic peopole via its strong Neurodiversity program, we highlight the Top 10 Companies in North America investing in talent. 

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